The Roundup // 08.02.16

// Ever wanted to ask a photographer something but was too nervous to ask? See if I answered your question over on the Lady Project Blog.

// "I've Spent $2800 on Instagram" - I'm all for putting in effort for a great IG feed but this is pushing the limits.

// I'm a little too obsessed with Akilah Hughes. - Dear advertisers: It’s time to stop supporting BuzzFeed Video

// I laughed way too hard at this. - "Behold" replaced with "Look, Buddy" in the Bible.

// DIY floating shelves by A Beautiful Mess -  I really want to do this in my apartment but I don't want to go through all the effort.

// Tarot card reader kept murderer talking for an hour while waiting for police after dealing him death card. Whoa...

// Rare footage of Rhode Island from the 1940s.

// Really interesting perspective - I'm ugly and it makes me a better girlfriend.

// How Four Teenage Girls Organized This Week’s Huge Silent Protest. Yes, girls!

// From Darling Magazine, nine parties to throw this summer. I need to do a few of these.

// How A High School English Teacher Makes Extra Money As A Successful Fashion Blogger.

// I can't with this. - Watch the Real Video Used to Train Police in Dealing with Satanic Sacrifice and Occult Crimes