The Week in Photos 03.20.10

Not much happened this week besides having a photo shoot on Wednesday with Sam and Sisters of the Moon. Sam came all the way from Maine with her daughter for the shoot and in my opinion it was well worth it. We shot for six hours but we got in a lot of looks. Her daughter was so cute and is one of the coolest five year olds I know. You can check out the whole set of photos here.

Thursday I went to the mall to pose for my friend Steph who works in the photo studio at JC Penney. It was cool being on the other side of the camera watching the photographer work. It was one of the most hilarious experiences in my life. I did the cheesiest poses and made faces the whole time. And I also mimed eating a fake rabbit. Anything to get the shot.

The past three or four days have been amazing so I have been spending as much time as possible outside before it rains again. My dog Maxwell has been enjoying all the time outside. He's happy even though he is giving me the meanest puppy face possible in this photo.

Today Shawn and I went to Lincoln Woods to hang out. We sat on a rock and talked about shoots we have coming up. Shawn is the one who got me into photography years ago (we've been together for over six years) but he most shoots scenic and architecture photos. I'm getting him into shooting models. He had his first shoot a couple of weeks ago and he did really well.

Afterwards we went to Woonsocket to walk around. We got some really good clam chowder and clamcakes from a stand in downtown Woonsocket. We also saw this really cool murdered out truck with a casket in the back.

Now we're going to watch some comedy specials and enjoy the rest of the night. How was your week?