The Week in Photos 04.11.10

It really should be yesterday in photos since every photo I took this past week was taken yesterday. The majority of the week was spent sitting here in my backyard emailing people and getting the behind the scenes stuff done.

Yesterday Shawn and I went to McCoy Stadium to see Dice-K pitch.

I guess we were the only people who thought it was going to be 15 degrees warmer than it was because we had on t-shirts and everyone else was wearing sweatshirts and jackets.

Later on that night we went to Firehouse 13 to take pictures of Math the Band and Kokomo. It such a good show.

More pictures of Math the Band here.

More Kokomo pics here.

The crowd was awesome and I actually wanted to join and mosh but decided against it and just took pictures instead.

Next week I have a ton of photo shoots but my birthday is on Thursday (!) so I should have tons of photos to post for next week's Week in Photos.