The Week in Photos 04.18.10

It was my birthday week and I spent most of it hanging out with my fiancé doing absolutely nothing. And when I say "absolutely nothing" I mean I spent most of the time emailing people. I really don't know when to stop.

I had a photo shoot with Brianna Buffy on the 13th. We've been meaning to work together since October and finally we got to on Tuesday. She was really sweet and I plan on shooting with her again (hopefully with her wearing Sisters of the Moon Designs).

You can check out the rest of Brianna's photos here.

My birthday was on the 15th but since it was on a Thursday, I just spent the day with Shawn and my family. We took my 11 year old cousin Mark to Whole Foods to look for a cake. Instead we ended up buying cupcakes and eating them there.

Here's Mark who according to everyone looks just like me.The plan for last night was to go to Dave and Busters for dinner and games but clearly I wasn't thinking that I was planning for us to go to the most popular place in the mall on a Saturday night without a reservation. The wait was two hours so we all went to Rasoi for some Indian food. That place was amazing. The staff sang Happy Birthday and I got mango ice cream.

Later on we went to Wild Colonial. I forgot to get a group shot so here is a random photo of my friend Angelica making faces at the camera.

I had a really fun time last night. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate my birthday. And now, I will leave you with a random photo of a xylophone.