The Week in Photos 04.24.10

This post is coming a day early because I have a lot going on tomorrow. This week I launched a section to my blog that I wanted to do for the past month called "Spotlight". I know so many people who are talented and run their own businesses and I wanted to highlght what great things they're doing. The first person I highlighted was my friend and local stand up comedian Stefan Di Pippo.

Sunday Shawn and I filmed his set. It was an interesting night. There was a heckler sitting right behind me who felt like standing up during the owner of the Comedy Connection's set and yelling random things. Of course he got removed.

Wednesday Stefan I walked around downtown Providence for his photo shoot. It was his first time ever having a photo shoot (he's also a photographer so he's used to being on the other side of the camera).

Some random photos from the week.

I like how I do a week in photos when 80% of my week is spent sitting in front of a computer. I guess I should go out more.