The Week in Photos 05.02.10

Lots of photos this week. Last Sunday I shot for Boston clothing designer Ichigo Black. You can read all about that here and see the photos from the shoot here. On Wednesday I shot Michaelle. She was really fun to shoot. Right away as I got out the car, the heel of my sneaker hit mud and I did a spilt right into it. The show must go on so I went right on shooting.

Friday night we went to the opening of a music studio in Woonsocket.

Later than night we headed to Blake's Tavern for Josh Willis's birthday party at Blake's Tavern. We met lots of amazing people and had such a fun time.

Saturday afternoon Shawn, his best friend Mike, and our friends Steve and Chantel went to Beerfest at the Rhode Island Convention Center. It was fun but not really something I would want to do again (I said that last time I went two years ago).

We met up with our friend Amanda later on and wandered around Federal Hill.

We then went to Blake's again for a little bit and then hit up Cuban Revolution to eat some nachos and listen to some live jazz music.

We had a fun and busy week. How was your week?