The Week in Photos 05.09.10

I didn't think there would be a Week in Photos this week since I feel like I didn't do anything photo worthy. I started writing for as the Providence Fashion Photography Examiner so be sure to check out the two articles I already have up.

Tuesday Shawn and I headed over to The Spot to check out some live music. We've become part of the little family over there and I'm part of their Spot on Photography team.

Wednesday was Cinco de Mayo and I got to have lunch with a very, very, very dear friend of mine who I don't see enough. Thursday Shawn and I went to a Yelp meetup at Hot Club.

Amanda is clearly incapable of making a normal face when a camera is near her.

Friday and Saturday consisted of cleaning, sorting, donating, and trashing a bunch of crap in my room. Shawn and I got a space in a storage center so we can move out all the stuff we don't need and not feel so suffocated at home.

This is my light switch. It got knocked off years ago and has been exposed like this since. I think I might want to get one of those Jesus light switch covers for it...

That's a giant inflatable Locoroco next to my Wii and white TV and in front of a Bright Eyes and The Faint poster from their show at Lupos five years ago (that was a great show).

This is my extremely heavy traincase filled with makeup. This thing has definitely taken a beating from me.

Some of my movies. I have probably 1000 VHS tapes still in my possession. Most of them went into storage but I kept some of them around. That Yahoo water-bottle was given to me by the son of one the CEOs of Yahoo. It was pretty random.

So that was my week. Here's hoping next week will be more photo worthy.