The week in photos 06.13.10

Sunday Shawn and I saw Conan O'Brien at Mohegan Sun.

The show was amazing. Conan was hilarious. Andy Richter was there. He wasn't so funny. I realized that I never found him funny.

Monday I shot Bright Side. She's also a high stylist under the name of HeadsWillRoll. She's hilarious and we ended up drinking lots of white sangria after the shoot. You can check out her photos here.

Wednesday I shot and interviewed Shevon Young for my Spotlight section of my blog. We shots at AS220 right before the Providence Geeks dinner. We were going to watch the presentation but ended up eating at the bar.

On Saturday I shot Spooky Digital Girl again. She's always great to work with. I finally got to work with makeup artist Lauren O'Jea. We were supposed to work on another shot that never happened so when I noticed she had a free day in her schedule, I asked her to jump and do makeup for the shoot.

Lauren's kitty in the window.

The shoot was short but I got some good shots. You can check them out here.

That wraps up last week. How was your week?