The week in photos 06.20.10

It's been such a busy and productive week. First off I went back into the office after almost a month off. The owners of the website I edit videos for went to Italy for three weeks to film new footage for the site. I wish they took me with them!

Tuesday I had a photo shoot with Mulan D, one of my favorite models to work with. Lauren O'Jea and Erinn FitzGerald helped me out on makeup and hair respectively. There are tons of behind the scenes photos so check them out here and look at Mulan's new photos here.

Wednesday I shot Mandy who I got to shoot last year. Erinn and Lauren volunteered their services for that shoot and I was more than happy to have them on board. You can check out three new photos of Mandy here.

Yesterday was Rhode Island Pride so I went down for a little bit before Shawn and I headed out to a Paw Sox game.

Lauren and I at Pride.

I had a fun week. How was yours?