The Week in Photos // 08.16.10

The majority of last week was spent with friends and having and planning photo shoots. Sunday we went to Lauren O'Jea, makeup artist extraordinaire, birthday party. She has the funniest friends and Shawn and I had a great time.

Friday I shot my friend Amanda. I've known Amanda since I was eight. I haven't seen her in a few years but after a few minutes it was just like old times.

Lauren O'Jea did makeup for the shoot. She painted an Aurora Borealis on Amanda's face.

Shawn played with Wine Rack Kitty aka Benji after he set up the lights for the shoot.

Saturday I shot Noelle Elisabeth and Haley Giovanni together. They're friends and have wanted to shoot together in the past so I was happy to get them together in a shoot. My inspirations was The Devil's Rejects or mostly two girls running from a psycho hillbilly axe murderer but looking hot and composed the whole time. Lauren O'Jea did makeup for this shoot as well.

I got them really dirty but they didn't mind.

So that was my week. How was yours?