The Wonderful Women of Advanced Style

Zelda Kaplan

Yesterday Zelda Kaplan, the 95 year old fashion icon, passed away. She collapsed at a fashion show and was pronounced dead at the hospital. I wasn't too familiar with her but after watching some short interviews made me fall in love with her. She believed that dressing for yourself and not following trends was the only way to dress. Age does not matter when it comes to great fashion. Just because she was in her 90s it did not stop her from wearing loud prints or giant necklaces or bright colored hats.

Last night while on Twitter a friend of mine posted the trailer to Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style, based off of his blog. It is a documentary following a number of women age 50 and up and to me isn't just about style. It's about women who have lived through it all and who feel like their age is not a representation of their heart and how they feel. They just want to represent themselves through their clothing and by doing that, they are at their happiest.

Luckily for us, the Advanced Style blogger also has a YouTube channel with over a hundred videos featuring these fantastic ladies. I found them pretty late last night so I had to limit how many I watched because I could have been up all night watching these women speak on style, confidence, and self-love. I would say I hope to be the woman in the video below when I am her age. If you know me I love women in menswear so of course I think this woman looks amazing. I have to say that these women are the happiest people I've seen in this fashion world. They dress to please no one but themselves but by doing that they bring so much happiness to others. There is definitely something to learn from these ladies.