Tip Tuesday // How To Blog Everyday

 Photo by Death to the Stock Photo

Photo by Death to the Stock Photo

This time last year I decided I wanted to blog every single weekday. I was blogging so sporadically, I knew the only way to blog consistently was to post every day. With the help of Google Calendar and an editorial calendar, I actually stuck with it. The end of this week will close one year of daily blogging.

So what did I learn? The first thing is it's better to just post when you have something important to share than to just get anything up. I definitely posted my share of filler content. I think starting in June I will post three times a week instead of five. Quality versus quantity is definitely not a new concept to me but I was so committed to getting a post up every single weekday, I was willing to put up subpar content. 

The second thing I learned is daily blogging is impossible without an editorial calendar and themes. I needed a daily theme, otherwise I would be scrambling to figure out what to post. I would recommend using themes to plan your posts to any blogger, daily or not. 

So this Tip Tuesday is supposed to teach you how to blog everyday. My advice is obviously build an editorial calendar but mostly you need to have the drive and passion to do it. I knew I wanted one full year of blogging everyday. I learned a lot about myself and how to commit to a long term project. It's definitely not easy but so rewarding. I am so proud of myself that I committed and reached my goal. It's going to be so weird not having a post up everyday and I am nervous that I will fall off the wagon but I can look back on how far I've come. I think that will be enough motivation to keep going.