Tip Tuesday // How To Create A Blog Schedule

First off, what the hell is Tip Tuesday? Where did this come from? I will be adding in a few new series in the new year including this one. I will be sharing tips to help you out in your business and life to help make things a little easier.

Some people call it a blog schedule, some call it an editorial calendar. Whatever you choose to call it, you need one if you want to maintain a blog. In January, I said I wanted to blog everyday but instead I had a post here or there and was averaging four blog posts a month. It was at the end of May when I told myself that I needed to buckle down if I wanted to turn this blog into something. Here's what I did:

1 // Create Series
Series do two things. They help you know what to post on what day and they help the viewer know what to expect from you. I make sure my series show up on certain days. You probably noticed that Photo Stories show up on Mondays and Wednesdays, The Roundup is on Tuesdays, I have a rotation of Mixtape, Not My Art, and #tbt on Thursdays, The Week in iPhone Photos on Fridays, and +/- on the last day of the month. Sometimes things get switched around or I may post something differently than what is on the schedule but knowing what to post on what day takes a huge load off of my shoulders.

2 // Get Organized
The way I managed to blog every weekday was to put my schedule on Google Calendar. Seeing it next to all my other appointments and responsibilities made posting on blog just as important as everything else. Currently I use the app Sunrise on my Mac and my iPhone as my calendar. Just sign in with your Google Calendar and go.

If you prefer pen and paper, get a monthly calendar or a weekly planner and write down what you want to post on what day. I love my Moleskine Weekly Planner. I've been using that planner for six years. 

3 // Be Consistent
You don't have to post every single day to have get a popular blog. You can post once a week and still have a following. Just be sure to post of the same day every week so your viewers know when to expect you. If you post on Mondays and Thursdays, make that clear. YouTubers are the best at this. At the end of every video they say "I post videos every _____ and _____!" We know when a new video will be coming so the viewers aren't left wondering when they will see their favorite YouTubers next video. Adopt this practice on your blog.

4 // Don't Stress!
If you're blanking and feel like you don't have anything to post, then don't post anything! It's ok. The internet police won't come after you. I personally was determined to post every single weekday until the end of the year so I did. It was a struggle some days (those were the days when I didn't plan out what to post on my calendar). If you need to take a few days or a week off to think and recharge, do it. Your blog and viewership will struggle if you don't.