Tip Tuesday // Prepare Yourself For Your Day

  Photo by Death to the Stock Photo

Photo by Death to the Stock Photo

I work from home so it's tough to get myself into work mode. Even yesterday I worked from bed for most of the day (I never recommend that). I struggle along with everyone else on getting motivated for the day so here are three tips for prepare yourself for your day when you work from home.

1 // Get Out Of Bed
It sounds simple enough but I'm pretty sure most of us fall asleep with our phones on our beds (me included). You go to turn off your alarm and then all of sudden it's 30 minutes later and you are 10 hours back in your Instagram feed.  It's not a great way to start your day so first things first, get out of bed.

2 // Eat That Frog
Disgusting term but basically it means do the most important task of your day first. Get it done and out of the way. You will be less stressed and more productive throughout the day. I listened to the audiobook of Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy and it helped me out tremendously.

3 // Don't Check Your Email
A big block to starting your day can be checking your email. Everyone needs something from you and by taking your first hours of the day to attend to everyone else, you just set everything you needed to do on the back burner. Ignore the email for the first two hours of the day and get whatever important work you need done first. 

Bonus Tip // Eat Breakfast!
I am notorious for not eating breakfast and feel like crap by 1pm. Drag yourself out of bed and eat something. Nothing you will do will be good if you're running on no fuel.