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digital | color | 2004

This was my final project for a Graduate level video editing course I took when I was an undergrad. We were given about 50+ GBs worth of film shot for a short film that was already made called "Yoga and Ecstasy". We took that footage and edited it according to our vision since we never saw the original.

silent | black & white | 2002 

In the Fall of 2002, I made a short film called Face for my filmmaking workshop. I wanted to make a piece that questioned why in our culture we only accept two sexes, male and female, when in so many other cultures around the world accept many more. I've always been interested in gender studies and it was great to have the chance to bring that into my filmmaking. In Face, I contrasted a quote from Kate Bornstein, a male to female transsexual author and public speaker with footage of a man (?) putting on makeup. Since my footage is so dark and since I added many colors to the black and white film, it is hard to tell what gender the star is. I wanted to show how easy it is for one gender to transform into another, yet the society we live in only accepts two genders.