+/- May 2015

+ I finished one year of daily blogging!!! I'm so proud of myself! 

+ This month I had some really fun solo dates. I saw Postmodern Jukebox at Lupos. They put on such an amazing show. A few weeks later I saw Bill Burr in Boston at the Wilbur Theater. I can see why people would hate the idea of going out alone but I loved it. I am definitely an outgoing introvert and I treasure my alone time.

+ I had a really successful Instagram workshop at Craftland. It's nice being able to teach people with the information I have to share.

+ The most exciting that happened this month is I got a new camera!!! I knew I needed to upgrade but it wasn't in my budget. Then as I was on the train going to Boston, I saw online that my friend was selling her Canon 6D. Without a moment's hesitation I knew I had to buy it. I had my first shoot with it yesterday and I am in love!

- I got sick again. Third time I had bronchitis since October. It was definitely a combination of having a five degree comfort level, the weather constantly changing, and overworking myself. I need to rest more and take better care of myself.

It's been an interesting month but I am excited for the summer to begin!