+/- November 2014

+ November was another extremely busy month. I went to New York every week for the first three weeks of this month. Definitely not a complaint. I love the clients I get to work with in Rhode Island and in New York.

+ This blog post marks six straight months of blogging every single weekday since the beginning of June. It's been grueling making sure I have a post ready to go everyday. I hated waking up knowing that I didn't get my post ready in advance. I'm going to continue blogging like this until the end of the year. After that, who knows what I am going to. Whatever my plan is, I will be sticking to schedule.

+ Much to everyone else's chargin, my love for squirrels have been ignited. I want a pet squirrel. Definitely planning on getting a squirrel tattoo.

- I've been so reliant on Lyft lately (use my code brittanny4 for a cheap ride). I've had no interest in taking the bus. It's so convenient to just call someone until you realize you've taken four rides in a day. That's the time to just stay home.

- I'm not ready for the cold. Born and raised in New England and every winter I can't handle it. With the cold weather and the non stop work, this girl needs a vacation.