+/- October

+ The first highlight of the month was my very first plane ride which I talked about here. I went to North Carolina with Ashley for a conference. For those who may not know I am the creative director for 1am Beauty, and the conference was for a software we use.

+ The second highlight of the month is Drink Wine. Eat Jerky. Give Back. was a great success! Ashley and I threw a fundraiser to support Sojourner House's domestic violence prevention program. We were inspired to do this because in August my best friend from high school was killed in a murder suicide by her ex-boyfriend. It was heartbreaking and instead of asking why does this stuff happen, Ashley and I wanted to do something to give back. Our fundraiser was so successful! So many people came out and my heart was full from all the support in the room. We donated $4500 in Arien's name which meant the world to me.

+ I went to the Worldwide Instameet #12 in Newport at the beginning of the month. It was so much fun and be sure to check out the photos I took.

+ I bought a pre loved Canon 5D Mk III! It's the camera I wanted for the longest time so it's so exciting to finally own one. 

+ I shot the Lady Project Holiday Guide 2015 photoshoot with my partner in crime Olivia Rodrigues. It's so great to see our work evolve with each other. This is our fourth LP shoot and each one gets better and better.

+ I threw a little Halloween Housewarming party. So many people came out and we had such a fun time. I wanted to be Drake from the Hotline Bling video but it wasn't the cutest outfit so I ended up being Nancy from The Craft.

- I would say the only minus this month is feeling behind on work. My brain has been all over the place and I need to structure out my time a bit better so I can finish out the year on a strong note.