+/- September 2014

This has been a complete whirlwind of a month. This may be a short +/- because in all honesty I am writing this three days in advance on a Friday night and I need to get myself to bed.

+ New York Fashion Week. It was amazing. Watch the vlog. NYFW will be the majority of this +/-

+ I met Rosario Dawson. She photobombed me. Like what is this life? I also met my YouTube queen Claire Marshall. She was everything. I met girls from Orange Is The New Black. I met Audrey Kitching. I met all the people.

+ I saw the holy trinity of Kelly Cutrone, Emily Bungert, Stefanie Skinner, PR power women. I've met and spoken briefly with Emily my first fashion week (I was starstruck and barely made any sense) and have seen Kelly Cutrone yell at someone in front of me and stomp away that same show (it was magical), but my first time seeing Stefanie. She pointed at me in line and she said "don't let anyone else in after her" (I had an internal freak out). I watch Kell on Earth religiously on Netflix so I love them on a level most do not. 

+ Parties! Free Champagne! I went to so many shows! This was my best fashion week to date. I had such a blast. Plus I didn't manage to get sick!

+ Rachel and I got a photo in November's NYLON Japan! I'm so excited to see what picture they chose! Check out some from the shoot here!

+ I got asked to shoot an event for Refinery29 in Boston! That was not an email I was expecting to get but I'm so glad I was on their radar. Hopefully it leads to more work with them!

+/- I managed to still blog everyday this month. Don't know how I pulled that off and not only every weekday but multiple times a day during fashion week. I've learned that I really need to plan out what each day's post will be otherwise I am totally lost.