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Beyoncé Day

My friends and going to see Beyoncé tonight!!! It's my first time seeing her and I am BEYOND EXCITED! I can't focus on anything else so here are a few of my favorite Bey moments,

New Favorite Fashion Documentary

I mentioned yesterday that I was really into the Australian E! show called Fashion Bloggers. I really like that it shows what it's like to be a working full time fashion blogger. It's still a career that most people don't get. I find it super interesting to watch. Two things I wished it featured was more diversity along with a blogger than doesn't have the huge following and is struggling a bit. It would be great to see all facets of what it's like being a full time blogger. You can watch the whole first season here on YouTube.

What Would You Do If Prince Calls You?

Maya Washington aka Shameless Maya is one of my YouTube heros. I found her on her journey to shamelessness from being a photographer and actor in Harlem, New York to being a full time YouTuber in Los Angeles. I even met her during my very first New York Fashion Week, which was very exciting. In 2014 she surprised us all by telling us she shot Prince for his latest album. I was so proud of my girl. Sadly we lost The Purple One last month and everyone has been sharing their stories with Prince. Maya recently came out with her own story time with him. This one was so touching because he found her online and asked to work with her. He really wanted to work with who he found talented, it didn't matter if they were famous. I definitely recommend watching this video. 

The Boy With A Camera For A Face

I just watched this short film called The Boy With A Camera For A Face by filmmaker Spencer Brown. From the Vimeo page: "The Boy with a Camera for a Face is satirical fairy tale about a boy born with a camera instead of a head, whose every moment is transformed by the fact he is recording it." I loved every minute of the 14 minute short. Definitely worth watching.