Share Up To Ten Photos and Videos In One Instagram Post?!

Yesterday Instagram announced that everyone can upload multiple photos and videos in one post. Advertisements on the app had that ability for a while now. Like any new edition to any app, the majority of people were like "OMG NO WHY YOU RUIN EVERYTHING" but I wanted to try it before announcing my opinion. 

My first impression is... I like it! For someone who respects the sanctity of the feed, uploading multiple photos in one post does not disrupt the feed. In The Insta Edit workshop I co-founded, I tell my students to upload other photos they want to share in Instagram Stories or Facebook. Now they can upload them in one post!

Who can benefit from this feature:

1 // The Heavy Poster

I always recommend that people wait at least an hour before posting another photo because you don't want to spam anyone's feed. That's the quickest way to get unfollowed. Now people can post all the photos in one post which saves everyone's feeds. #RespectTheFeed 

This is great for people who are at fashion shows, museums, parties, or want to share a million photos of their kid. Now they can share more on their feed without disrupting everyone else's.

2 // The Influencer

This is perfect for bloggers, influencers, and brands who want to show off more pics from a photo shoot. There have been plenty of times that I wanted to post more photos from a certain shoot but I waited because it didn't look right in the placement of the feed. Now I can share more in one post.

3 // The Creative

I think this feature is great for any artist who wants to show the process of creation. From painters to makeup artists to graphic designers to builders, you can show off more in one post. I like to give the example of a cook sharing a recipe from start to finish on Instagram Stories and sharing the final product on their feed. Now they can take select moments from their Story and share that along with the final product.

Best Practices For This New Feature

  • Still only post good quality photos/ video. This is not an excuse to post multiple sub-par photos in one post. 
  • Post the best photo first. Select the photos in the order you want them to be presented.

What do you think about this new feature? Let me know in the comments!

What I Love Wednesday // 02.22.17
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♥ Having another successful The Insta Edit Workshop! I have so much to share about social media and how to use Instagram for your brand so I'm glad so many people are interested in listening to Patsy and I talk about it! ♥ Making my way through at least half of New York Fashion Week. February in New York can be brutal and of course the days I was there consisted of a snow storm and freezing rain. ♥ Doing more branding photo shoots for female entrepreneurs. ♥ Listening to records and slowing down. ♥ Finishing books and starting new ones right away. Finally listening to the audiobook of Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari. ♥ Naturally waking up early. ♥ Finally being able to open my giant window and get some fresh air in my apartment without freezing my ass off. ♥

Hakan Akkaya // NYFW FW2017

A lot of the time, I don't know what I will see when I sit down for a show. When the Hakan Akkaya show started, I tried to not hyperventilate/ cry hysterically. It was everything I love. Reformed goth, athleisure, and all black everything. It was a perfect show. So glad I got to witness it from the first row!

NYFW Fall/Winter 2017

Last week started my ninth season of NYFW. I had the pleasure of attending a few shows before I got bronchitis (story of my life). Enjoy some of my favorite photos from most of the shows I went to. Some I didn’t feel like photographing and I just enjoyed the experience. Also be on the lookout next week for a post dedicated to my favorite show I went to!

Hayley Elsaesser

Dan Liu


Leanne Marshall

+/- January 2017
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For those who are new, +/- is my monthly series where I recap the previous month in Positives and Negatives.

+ I told myself that I would spend more time in New York this year and I am already on my second trip. I'm currently sitting in I Hate Blonde's office in her Soho apartment as I type this. My first trip was to photograph a fashion trade show at the Javits Center. It was long days but I met some cool people while I was here.

+ I did a few shoots with Rachel and a few of my photos got reposted by Nylon Magazine and Nakid Magazine! It's nice when publications recognize my work.

+ I had two talks at Johnson and Wales University about branding and social media marketing. It was great to have such a great reception from all the students. They really seemed interested in what advice I had to offer.

- The state of this country...

+ But on the other hand, it was great to see so many people at protests and taking action. It truly gives me hope.

+ I've been reading every day this month. It's such a good feeling finishing books. I really should sign up for an Audible account. 

+ Making plans for new content, both photography and written. I really want to have new work driven by me and not just hired work. ABS! Always be shooting!

+/- I've been feeling really down lately about everything happening around me so I am trying to do a regular gratitude practice over at the What I Love Wednesday tag.

Tell me how your January was in the comments!