A Love Letter To Instameet PVD

I do love these Instameets. I love the people I've met and how kind they all are. Let's be honest. Sometimes when you put a bunch of photographers together and it turns into a contest of what camera is better than someone else's and how large their lens collection is. That doesn't matter here. Show up with anything that can take a photo. A cell phone to 5d Mk III, it's all welcome here.

I was telling Jay, co-founder of Instameet PVD, yesterday that if it wasn't for Instagram, I would never take a photo unless it was for work. IG has trained me to always be looking for a photo to be taken. As of late I've been losing inspiration. I haven't shot for the love of it in a very long time. And then I hit a rough bit of life and then Ari, the other co-founder on Instameet PVD, asked me to come to their meetup at Waterfire Providence. It was the best night and honestly saved me that week.

Being around people who genuinely love photography has been such an inspiration to me. I've wired my brain to only think about the job that needs to be done, and I'm losing creativity. The Instameets push me to think and imagine and create something completely different from what I am used to. I wish we could have these meetups every week. I love the group that is forming. I hope it has this dynamic forever and stays focused on the love of photography. I want to take what I'm learning and adopt it into my work. To keep pushing myself to be a better photographer.