Day In The Life // Artist, Joanna Read

This week's Day In The Life follows artist (and future yoga instructor) Joanna Read. I met her through the PVD Lady Project. JoJo is a little ray of sunshine and always brings a smile to my face when she walks in a room.


How do you start off your day?

Snuggling with my kitty in bed. 

All photos provided by Joanna Read

All photos provided by Joanna Read

What was your big project for the day?

I'm just starting the Artist's Way book and this week one of the tasks asks, "if you could lead 5 other lives, what would you do in each of them?". After identifying the 5 different lives, you're supposed to try something new that would fit in with one of those alternate lives. In one of my lives I chose to be a writer, so I wrote a couple of articles for Elephant Journal today on my creative process and hit "send". It was a very spur of the moment, completely unplanned activity, but it really felt like a stretch activity that needed to happen today!

Did you face any challenges today?

Blueberry Blaze trail mix from Whole Foods: it's always a real challenge navigating through all of the nuts and berries to pick out the good stuff, the white chocolate chips! And the proportion of chips to nuts and berries is never quite right. I should start making my own. 

Did you do anything fun?

I went for a run on Blackstone Boulevard without 72 layers of clothes and actually saw what I believe was a BLUE sky! And I'm planning a fun cooking night making thai food and listening to Paolo Nutini tonight. I don't make a whole lot of time to cook these days, but when I do, I like it to be a really enjoyable experience and I like to have a ton of leftovers!!!