Day In The Life // Blogger, Holly Vine

This week I am featuring blogger and foodie, Holly Vine. Follow Holly on a Sunday in her life.

How do you start off your day? 

Today is a Sunday, so my day starts with a lie in. Apparently that’s a British term, so for you Americans: I start the day by being incredibly lazy and staying in bed whilst my cat tries to suffocate me with his love.

Depending on whose rhetorical game is at it’s peak, either Charlie (the husband) or myself will lose the battle of whose turn it is to make the tea (again, so British) and finally the day will begin.

Sundays are the day I get a lot of work done. As well as running my lifestyle and cookery blog: Holly Likes to Cook, I do a lot of freelance marketing, design and writing work which has me in the office during the work week. This makes Sunday my GSD day, the S usually comprising of blog post writing & brain storming, recipe testing, research for writing assignments and a shit ton of laundry. Quite how we create so much I don’t know, but it always seem to be on my list.

What was your big project for the day? 

With the weather starting to buck it’s ideas up, my big project for the day is kitchen garden planning. This is entirely at the doodling and lusting after stuff from stage but we did pootle down to the store to have a look at some fencing which, as it turns out, is as good as a huge dose of actual vitamin D in terms of make me feel summery.

As we pass Savers on the way to ‘the depo’ it seems rude not to pop in for a quick thrift. I LOVE thrifting for vintage kitchenware- I wrote about it on my blog recently (shameless plug). There’s so much eclectic awesomeness and great quality bake, cook and tableware it’s tough not to get too carried away- in the end I head to the register with a vintage white Pyrex dish with a green floral pattern; a mini apple green crock pot; and an teal, handled soup bowl, for the princely sum of $11. ELEVEN DOLLARS. 

Was there anything big you accomplished? 

To be quite honest, at the moment I feel quite accomplished on any day I get up, dressed and do anything. This year has given me quite a kicking so far and it’s taken a bit of time to get back on my feet and enter the world again. 

One thing I realized whilst on the way out of that shitty period, was that the person who was hardest on me about getting ‘back on my feet’, ‘in control of my life’ and ‘achieving something’ was me. 

I’m not saying I expect a gold star for not being a total slob, but sometimes if getting up and getting on is going to be your biggest achievement of the day then that’s alright, and in fact sometimes that’s fucking awesome.

Did you face any challenges today? 

My biggest challenge today was not feeling overwhelmed. That sounds like such a busy brag, maybe it is but I don’t think I’m any different from anyone else that’s got a lot of stuff going on, and us girls seem to pile it on ourselves constantly!

I’m a perfectionist which doesn’t help with my ability to know my limits, but I do know that I’m my toughest critic, so my challenge is not being such an arse to myself.

Did you do anything fun?

Did you not read? ELEVEN DOLLARS.

But seriously, I got to spend a whole sunny day with my very hardworking husband, faff about planning our garden by spending a billion imaginary dollars on plants and a pool (because, America), and now I’m sitting down to a nice cup of tea and a cake. And everyone knows cake makes for a very nice day.