Day In The Life // Blogger, Patsy Culp


This week I am featuring one of my favorite girls, Patsy Culp. She runs the blog & Celebrate, where she spreads the word on celebrating every single day of your life. Here is a day that the two of us spent together this past Saturday.

How do you start off your day? 

I spend a few quiet minutes before even opening my eyes visualizing and giving thanks to all the things and people in my life I am grateful for. I greet my husband with a kiss and enjoy quiet conversation as we ease into the day. I continue to lay in bed for a while getting caught up on blogs I love to read: Positively Positive, Seth Godin, TUT, Danielle LaPorte's daily Truthbomb. Then it's a shower, coffee, and eggs-over-easy thoughtfully prepared by my doting man.

 & Celebrate

What was your big project for the day?

Staging Easter tablescapes for my blog. I haul up the box of holiday decor from the basement and the fun begins. It's the same collection I've had for years, but the combinations of colors, textures and trinkets are endless. Each new holiday season provides the opportunity to create something fresh and new. 

Was there anything big you accomplished?

Thanks to my fabulous photographer and social media consultant (that would be you, Brittanny Taylor), I was able to capture a full week of content for the blog and then some, in record time. Laughter included.

 & Celebrate

Did you face any challenges today?

I learned about some design restrictions for an upcoming event I'm styling, which will make my job more challenging. At first I was bummed. I allowed myself to feel overwhelmed and anxious, but managed to quickly change my thoughts to: this is going to be a great opportunity to see how creative I can be within these parameters. It will be a good learning experience - these restrictions will help push me outside of my comfort zone. I'll have to think outside the box, and as a result, I'm hoping something magical happens. I often say, it's important to have a vision of what you want to create, but it's even more important to be flexible with how the vision comes to life.

 & Celebrate

Did you do anything fun?

Each time I style something, whether it's an event, or for my blog, I have fun! Being creative in this way lights me up and brings me joy. Spending time with Brittanny pretty much ensures I'll have at least one good belly laugh per hour we're together. And, I managed to sneak in some quality time with another good friend who introduced me to more fabulous women doing amazing things here in Providence. Feeling deeply connected here in this great city makes life so much fun.