+/- February 2017

+ I went to my ninth season of New York Fashion Week. I am always grateful for the opportunity to go shows. I think I am going to vlog September's fashion week. Check out my NYFW recaps here and here.

- The weather this fashion was atrocious. Between a snow storm and freezing rain and winds, I got sick. As usual.

+ I got nominated for best photographer in The Providence Journal's Readers' Choice Awards! You can vote for me here!

+ Patsy and I had our second The Insta Edit workshop. We also announced that stock photos will be available for purchase through our site!

+ I've done more branding photo shoots for female business owners. They are becoming some of my favorite to shoot.

+/- Back to weather (I'm becoming one of those people who talks about the weather constantly). I don't know how one month could go from 70 degrees on one day and a blizzard the next. And they say global warming isn't real...

+ I've been brainstorming future projects and ventures. I'm excited to show what is coming up next!