Four Tips For Pinterest-Worthy Food Photos

Pinterest. This site can either inspire you or depress you. Right now it's making me want to give it all up and start over as a food photographer. Now I know that is not a real option for me because as much as I like to cook, the final result isn't very attractive. That doesn't stop me from drooling over food photos on Pinterest, not only because I'm always hungry but because I wish I took those photos! Here are four tips to become a Pinterest-worthy food photographer.

1. Natural Light

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Flash photography does not work with food (unless you're a pro who can mimic natural light). It's just a fact. Find a window. Set up a shooting station wherever you have the most natural light. It puts the food in its best light ;) Moving on...

2. Shoot From Above

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Most food photography you will see shot from above. You get to see everything without any weird shadows. So don't be afraid to stand up (or climb on a chair) to get the best shot, even if you're at a restaurant. Ignore the stares...

3. Shoot On A Dark Background

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I don't know what it is but food shot on a dark background just looks better. Be it a wooden, rustic table or some metal slab, it doesn't matter. Just find something dark and it makes the food pop (ugh, I can't believe I just said 'pop').

4. Make A Mess

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The blog What Katie Ate is a master of the messy food shot but it is so freaking beautiful. Maybe it says "Hey, I'm not perfect. You can make food this beautiful too." but in reality, your food won't be as lovely but you probably will make a fantastic mess.

If you look thoughout these photos, you'll see a combination of all these tips. I linked all the Pinterest pages which will have recipes for you in case you want to play chef/ food photographer. I will probably make none of these recipes and instead order some Dominos. Delivery can be pretty too!