How I Stay Organized: The CNCPTS Notebook


If you know me, you know I love planners. You can find me in the notebook section of any store. I watch people plan on YouTube. The choosing of the planner at the end of every calendar year is a big deal for me. Organizing my schedule has been a thing for me since college. I actually remember using the weekly planner that came with a calendar of photos of dogs as my main tool of organization one year in college. I have always been the person that needs to have a systemized way of keeping track of my schedule and to-do list. So, late last year I saw the CNCPTS notebook on the Internet, and I knew it was something I wanted to try out.

Just from what I saw online, I really liked how it was designed with the entrepreneur in mind. I work for myself with a varied bunch of responsibilities from two different businesses, non-profit commitments, and oh yeah, I still have a personal life, it can definitely start to feel a bit jumbled.

After getting the planner in the mail, I was first very impressed by the packaging. It came in a lovely box which I have kept that I don't know what to do it at, but it's still displayed in my office. I could tell that the company made great strides to make a really quality product. As a surprise to everyone including me, I bought the tan notebook and not the black. I love the gorgeous vegan leather which feels super luxe.


The things I love the most about this planner is that ask you the critical questions. In the beginning, it asks what my yearly goal is and to be honest, I didn't know when I first received the notebook. It also gives you the same option every quarter, and at the end of every quarter, it will ask you to reflect on the past 12 weeks to see what worked and what didn't so you know what you need to change for the future.

I decided to use Post-its for the monthly calendar view because of the way my handwriting is set up, I would not fit a solitary thing in the boxes. I actually really like using the Post-its because I've been getting a lot of postponed and rescheduled events happening, so it was easy for me to move things around without having to use white-out.


The thing I'm super excited to diving into is the CNCPTS business model in the back of the planner. I have big plans for my businesses in the upcoming future and even other things that we are cooking up over here behind the scenes. Using the business planning section for all of my ventures is going to be extremely helpful in staying organized and getting all the stuff in my brain out onto paper.

This is not a sponsored post, I paid for my CNCPTS notebook all on my own, and I am so glad that I did. Click this link and use the code Brittanny at checkout to receive 15% off of your planner which is the highest discount available! Who said I never do anything nice for you? I highly recommend using the CNCPTS notebook. It has worked beautifully with how I need to plan out my time, and I can see it being the planner I stick with for the future.