How To Quickly Get Comfortable With Getting Your Photo Taken


This past weekend I worked with Stephanie, a musician. She expressed to me she was a bit nervous about the photo session. We had a great phone call about how to make the process easier. Here a few tips I gave her.

Just be yourself. If your hair is always curly, don’t straighten it. I once worked with a professor with for her updated headshots. Her hair is naturally curly, but she told me she always straightened it for photos. I asked why. Her students in colleagues would only see her with curly hair so why is the picture representing you with straight hair? That goes for makeup. You need a bit more makeup for it to show in photos but stick with what you feel comfortable with. If you’re going high glam when you’re more natural, it will come across as not real.

stephanie 2.jpg

I also recommend not to buy new clothing and wear your favorite outfit that you feel best in. Now, if you’re like me and hate your whole wardrobe, go ahead and pick out a new look. Don’t stray from your style. Think of every time you bought a new outfit for an event that isn’t your style. Did you feel awkward or was always pulling at your clothing because you felt uncomfortable? Hire a stylist who will help you pick out a cute look in your own closet or help you shop to find clothing that best suits you.

When you're in the session and don’t know what to do, just look off in the distance and smile. It’s like a little reset on posing. I know you're not a model. You're a designer, or a musician, or a writer. Posing doesn't come naturally for most. I don't expect you to give me Vogue Model poses. I just want you to look comfortable.

stephanie 3.jpg

Most importantly, give yourself some grace. I want you to enjoy the process, to relax, and try to have a good time. We are taking these photos to celebrate you! I'll leave you with a few words from Stephanie herself.

"Never have I had a photographer encourage me to not buy new clothes for a photo session and instead choose what I already have in my closet. I took her challenge seriously and began to embrace who I am instead of who I think I should be in my head. Seeing the pictures now, I'm amazed at how simple it was to capture the beauty within - that I didn't need to go searching elsewhere to find what is already beautiful in the confines of my current life and story. Brittanny is passionate about what she does and it shows in her patience, encouragement and hilarious humor. I felt calm from the very beginning of the shoot. Highly recommended!!!"

stephanie 5.jpg

📍Harlem, New York // Stephanie