Photo Story // Adios

I have the pleasure of working with strong women who put themselves out there daily to show off their personal style as well as their personality. After working with fashion bloggers for the past year a half, I have to say that this is not easy. You have to be thick skinned. The haters come out of the woodwork. They criticize every move you make. They hide behind their screens to say mean and spiteful things. They want to bring my girls down but my girls are strong and they keep going. They won't stop doing what they love. I'm so proud of all the girls I work with. Being older than all the girls I shoot, I tend to treat them like my babies and I want to take care of them. But I am glad to say they don't need me to take care of them. They got this all on their own. Sometimes you have to say Adios, Peace Out, GTFO to the haters and keep doing you.