Reconnecting With Friends Over DIABLO Red Blend Wine


When you’re a person in your mid-30s it’s very easy to get caught up in the rat race. Things were easier in your early 20s and you didn’t have many responsibilities besides going to work and trying to not to date the wrong person. But now we have our careers, we have our families, we have our homes, and sometimes it’s hard to get together with new acquaintances or even your friends. The days seem to blend into one another and before you realize it months have passed and you haven’t seen even some of your closest friends. So, I made a point to invite a few friends over to my new apartment for a glass of wine and some treats. Here are a few tips on how to reconnect with those whom you’ve fallen out of touch.

1) Network within your existing network

Scroll down to the bottom of your text message thread and start texting people. My texts delete every 30 days so if yours don’t this may take a while so feel free to stop whenever you like. Scroll for a bit and look at the names that you see. Are there people there you want to reconnect with? This is actually a great tip for networking within your existing network. Work on those connections with the people already know. Maybe because we’re all super busy nowadays, they may have been wanting to reach out to you too but never felt like it was the right time, or they forgot to, or they were sitting there thinking “Oh it’s been months since I wanted to talk to so-and-so” and here you are, showing up in their texts. Take the time to reconnect with those whom you already know instead of trying to make brand new connections.


2) Have a wine night!

Pick a random bunch of people and invite them over for a glass of wine or your preferred drink of choice. Tonight we are drinking this amazing new wine called DIABLO from Chile that is brand new to the Rhode Island market. I invited over my friends Olivia and Colleen (The Moms™) to drink this wine with me and catch up over a charcuterie board.


My inner goth is a little obsessed with this branding. DIABLO was aged for 6 months, 6 weeks, and 6 days. I’m into it.

I really love red blends and DIABLO has become a quick favorite of mine.


3) Go old school and send a card

Hopefully, you’re taking down your friends addresses. Everyone loves a nice card in the mail, so send your friend a quick little note saying you thinking of them. Every time I get a note in the mail I am surprised that someone took the time to write something nice to me and sent it my way. Go buy some stamps and some cute note cards and send quick little off now to a friend.

Reconnecting with friends doesn’t have to be a big grand gesture. We all have a ton of stuff going on so hopefully if they are a true friend they will understand that you got caught up in life and sometimes time escapes us. So, when it happens to you, take some time to reach out to friends and invite them over for a little treat.