Review // KarmaCeuticles Skincare


I hate reading reviews. Maybe it's undiagnosed/self-diagnosed ADD but if it's more than a few paragraphs, I can't be bothered reading it. Instead I will give you a quick rundown of my nighttime routine last night using KarmaCeuticles skincare, the exclusive brand to

Limu Facial Cleanser - Amazing for taking off makeup and feels nice and moisturizing on my very dry skin.

Soft Papaya and Pumpkin Masque - Most masks are pretty torturous to use because it feels like they are sucking out all moisture out of my face. This one was really gentle and I actually forgot I had it on.

Luminous Peptide Serum and Blemish Control Rollerball - I am combining these two because these two products destroy any pimple I have on my face like nothing I have ever used before. I've been a fan of these two products for months.

Rapid Response Line Filler - I don't have wrinkles so I personally haven't seen a difference but my roommate asked to try something for the little lines in her face and immediately she loved it.

Refreshing Anti-Puff Eye Gel - I have the "forever tired" look about me so eye gel is necessary to combat that. My roommate and I both like how this feels. It's very light and isn't greasy like other eye gels.

Super Firming Creme - My goal is to look 26 forever so any moisturizer to help me in that mission is my friend. It increases the firmness of the skin and reduces superficial lines. Prevention of the wrinkles and lines I don't have yet is key in keeping my skin looking young.

In full disclosure I am the creative director for 1am Beauty but I have been using KarmaCeuticles products long before I got that job. My friend Rachel of I Hate Blonde and I have been using it since June and we both love what it's done for our skin. If you are looking for a new skincare line, I definitely recommend checking it out.