The Curse of Productivity


// Thoughts from me, 500 words or less

I recently wrote a post about how to work from home. I made sure to not say the word productivity once. We have become obsessed with productivity. We spend so much time reading blog posts, buying books, and listening to the podcasts that we are actually becoming way less productive because of it. Everyone is looking for life hacks on how to work harder/ better/ faster/ stronger that no one is getting any work done.

One of my heroes is Gary Vaynerchuk. Hard working does not do this man justice. He crushes everything he does, every single moment of the day. His YouTube channel has video after video of him motivating his viewers to work their asses off in order to succeed. He is so captivating that I could watch him for hours. And that is the exact problem. Hours pass and I’m sitting in front of a blank word document or an unedited photo and not one thing has been accomplished because I’m too busy watching someone else work and I have done nothing.

We have mistaken our trying to make our lives more efficient from doing actual work. We are wasting time talking so much about being productive. One of my favorite words is proactive. I want to see action. We can plan and plan and plan and then buy a cute new planner and then plan some more but if no real live action is happening, it’s all in vain. I’ve stopped reading the blogs. If after first scan there isn’t a list of real actionable tips, then I don’t want to waste time reading it.

I want to see people working more and taking action. No excuses. I really feel like I am writing this post for myself. I have an addiction to watching other people working. I learn so much and it fills me up with so much motivation and drive. I need to learn when it’s time to stop the constant stream of productivity content to my brain and put myself in the driver’s seat and just put in the work.