Tip Tuesday // Four Reason Why You Should Use Periscope

Photo from periscope.tv

Photo from periscope.tv

// Originally written and posted by me on the Lady Project Blog.

I know when a new social media app hits the scene, usually the first reaction is “Oh dear god not another one”. So when Periscope was released most of my friends asked me if they needed to get on it.

My answer: “maybe”. It totally depends on what you’re using it for. For those not in the know, Periscope is Twitter’s live streaming application made to compete with Meerkat, another live streaming app.

Here are my four reasons on why you should use Periscope.

1 // You want to share your content in a longer format

The great thing about Snapchat is you can share snippets of your day in up to ten second bursts. Periscope is as long as you want it to be and all in one go. Instead of a little bit here and a little bit there, you can live stream from Periscope and not have any disruption in your story.

2  // You can create a dialogue

There is a live chat feature in Periscope so you can respond to your viewers in real time. You can run Q and A sessions and build a rapport with your viewers in ways you can’t with other social media apps or even YouTube. Every weekday at 12:30 blogger Gala Darling has a "Gratiscope" where she and her viewers share five things that they are grateful for. Hypnotherapist Grace Smith does guided meditations and the Astrotwins answer horoscope questions.

3 // You can take viewers behind the scenes

One of my favorite YouTube series SourceFed will Periscope when they are filming their daily news show. You get to watch them when they mess up, make jokes, and then mess up some more. It’s the stuff that you wouldn’t normally get to see. Getting to watch a live behind the scenes look into the making of a show in real time is pretty incredible and builds even more fan loyalty.

4 // You can lift the veil

Snapchat is like a secret society. You need to know someone’s screen name to follow them. The search function is pretty non-existent. Periscope is open for anyone to watch. You don’t even need the app to watch someone’s stream. You can click on a link and watch it on your computer. Snapchat stories and Periscope streams both last 24 hours before they disappear but Periscope definitely wins for having non users be able to watch streams as well.

Social media should be fun and a great tool to add to your brand or business arsenal. Periscope can be a fantastic way to connect with your followers as well as the people you follow online on an even deeper level so I definitely suggest giving it a try!