Tip Tuesday // Three Ways To Clean Out Your Closet

1 // Put A Ribbon On It!
Tie a ribbon on the pole in your closet. Every time your wear something, put it on the right side of the ribbon. Soon enough you will see the articles of clothing you wear the most in contrast to the clothing you never wear. Donate or sell those items.

2 // Question It!
If you were to walk into a store right now, would you buy this article of clothing? If no, get rid of it. Have you worn it in the past 12 months? Nope? It has to go. Does it fit? You get the idea.

3 // Just Do It!
Sometimes you have to say eff it and just throw it in the donate bag. Don't think twice about it. We get so emotionally attached to items and that's all they are. Items. An overflowing closet will not make you happy. I believe in out of sight, out of mind. Initially it may hurt to get rid of clothing but guaranteed you will forget all about it within moments.