Tough Love Tuesday: Sometimes You Just Need A Break


This week I am moving in with my boyfriend. Even though my move isn’t far, I am completely overwhelmed. I didn’t realize moving brain was a thing. I have so many things flying around my brain and I just can’t keep up. Add on top of that making sure all client work and responsibilities are still being handled. So today’s Tough Love Tuesday is a short one because I have packing to do! (send help)

Do one thing at a time

Attempting to do it all at once is never a good idea, let alone when a major life change is happening. Break down your day’s responsibilities and focus on your top three priorities. When you get them done you can look at other things on the top do list.

Don’t get hard on yourself

Some things will fall to the wayside and it’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re late on a deadline or your new home isn’t unpacked completely two weeks after you move in. You’re only human and you can only do so much.

Just say no

If a project is offered that you don’t have the bandwidth to do right now, just say no. I can understand when you work for yourself that turning down work can be hard but you won’t do a good job if you’re burdened by everything else in your life. And hey, they may be able to do the project when you’re available. Never hurts to ask.

Take a nap

Seriously, you deserve it.