Tough Love Tuesdays: Five Tips On How To Look Better!

Photo by Death to the Stock Photo

We all want to look better, right? I mean, I don’t think anyone wants to look worse. Here are my five tips on how to bring out the every best in yourself.

1 // Look at what you're consuming.

I'm not talking about food. We spend most of our time online. You’re online right now, reading this post. Do you tend to navigate toward gossip sites or checking up on what other people are doing on social media instead of focusing on your own work? These behaviors affect you and your well-being. There is a lot of negativity floating around online, and it wants to get in your head. Don't let it. Only take in information that is positive and helpful to you and to others. Don't waste brain space on the bullshit.

2 // Look at who you spend time with.

Toxic friends. We all have at least one. All they can do is complain and complain and complain... Oh, and they expect you to listen to it all. Misery loves company, but in that case, I'd rather be alone. If you have a “friend” who does nothing but bring headache and drama in your life, break up with them! If you had a bad partner, you would (hopefully) break up with them. The same goes for friendships as well. Sometimes they just gotta go.


3 // Look at your home.

Is your home your sanctuary or just a place where all your stuff lives? Make your space a place of happiness. Paint your room or rearrange furniture. Bring in art that makes you smile. Get fresh flowers every week. Make a vision board and post it up near your desk. If you share an apartment with a friend or still live at home, there are ways to brighten up and make your personal space a place that brings you nothing but joy.

4 // Look at what you're putting in your body.

Ok, now we can talk about food. This is obvious but chill out on all the junk food and drinking. I will never tell someone what they can and cannot eat (except don't eat onions because they are disgusting) but just be aware of what you're putting into yourself. Be conscious of where the food is coming from. Shop at the farmers market and buy locally sourced food. You'll be treating your body right as well as supporting local businesses, which leads me to my last point…

5 // Look at where your money is going.

Does your therapy come in the form of retail? There is nothing wrong with treating yourself after a bad day, but if you find yourself in a bad month and you spent your rent money all on Amazon, then you may have a problem. I am big on online window-shopping. I go on whatever sites and add stuff to the cart and then never buy it. It totally works for me. If you are feeling a little spendy, take a visit to local stores and spend that cash on the small businesses in your town. You'll be helping them out, and you still get to go home with something new.

As you may have noticed, none of these tips were actual beauty tips on how to look better. We all heard the saying “you can't put lipstick on a pig.” You can do all the makeovers you want, but if you don't tackle what’s going on in the inside and surrounding you first, none of your efforts will matter. Self-love is so important. You are important. Take a step back and look at what is happening around you. Make changes and remove what is causing you harm. Do more of what brings you happiness. That is the surefire way of looking better to yourself and the world.

📍Providence, Rhode Island // Camryn Rabideau