We All Deserve Our Best Chance

 J Marcel

We all deserve our best chance.

Don't live your life for someone else. 

Take a risk, make a change.

Go to your boss and ask for a raise.

Leave your job and start your own path.

Tell that person you think is great you find them attractive.

Break free from the person who is holding you down.

Spend time alone; get to know yourself better.

Build your tribe of co-conspirators.

Grow. Grow as much as you can.

Read. Take it all in.

Sleep. Recharge your body.

Eat. Consume what will fuel you but don't forget to indulge.

We all deserve our best chance.

Give yourself that chance.

I had to edit this post because I was watching Casey Neistat's daily vlog and he included this clip of Steve Jobs and I thought it couldn't be more fitting to add to this blog post.