What I Love Wednesday // 01.25.17

♥ Finally having a record player I am happy with/ isn't destroying my vinyls. ♥ Having a successful workshop with students at Johnson and Wales. ♥ Getting my all my editing done and having a cleared out Lightroom. ♥ Going to the discount supermarket and not having to wait in line. That has never happened to me before. ♥  Getting back into making videos! Keep on the lookout ;) ♥ Catching up with friends (and their baby). ♥ Watching minimalism/ bullet journal videos on YouTube. ♥  Reading at least 20 pages every day. Doing pretty good so far! ♥ Mentally prepping myself for a huge apartment cleanout. I don't have much but there is always stuff to get rid of. ♥ Listening to new music recommended to me