What I Love Wednesday // 01.27.16

♥ Periscope! I've done a few broadcasts and they've been so much fun. Scoping while trying to find parking in Boston with Olivia last Friday was hilarious. ♥ Anderson Paak's new album. So good! ♥ Using my strobe. I'm definitely converted to using studio lighting. Never giving up shoot natural light though. ♥ Getting new makeup and brushes in the mail! ♥ Blizzards giving me the opportunity to just relax and veg out at home. It was very much needed. ♥ Ordering cute boxes to organize my DVDs and CDs. I don't even own a CD player anymore and my laptop doesn't have an optical drive so I can't even play them but I can't get rid of some (my NSYNC and Britney Spears obviously). ♥ Wanting to play around with food photography a bit more. Now I just need someone to do all the cooking for me... ♥