What I Love Wednesday // 02.24.16

♥ My first print feature is out in Providence Monthly! It's such a nice article. Nellie who wrote the article is so talented. No one seems to know why it says I am a stylist but I guess I have a new career ahead of me haha! ♥ I'm glad I'm not sick anymore. I got sick while in New York for fashion week. Shout out to Advil Cold and Sinus for helping your girl out. ♥ I went to the Providence Preservation Society's Winter Bash. It's Steampunk themed so I am now the proud owner of a corset. Trying to figure out how to work it into my everyday wardrobe. ♥ Back to NYFW, I got to work with new bloggers, which was super fun. Well I don't know if I can call Lauren new because she was actually one of the very first bloggers I've ever shot before I knew that was the direction my career was going. ♥ I spent Saturday morning lying in bed until noon. It was good to just chill out, watch Snapchat, and do nothing that required me to think. ♥ The Instameet at The Dean Hotel on Sunday was a ton of fun. It was nice to (quietly) run around The Dean and take photos all over the place. ♥ Going to bed at 8pm, falling asleep at 9:30 and sleeping 10 hours was sorely, sorely needed. ♥