What I Love Wednesday // 08.03.16

♥ Starting RJ Hernández's book An Innocent Fashion on the flight to Vegas. I wished I got through more of the book but it's pretty good so far! ♥ Going to all the Top Chef restaurants in Vegas. Also eating tacos every day I was there. ♥ Playing with all the samples I got from CosmoProf. ♥ Taking some time off to recharge after traveling. Always important. ♥ Gary Vaynerchuk coming out with a ton of DailyVee videos. They've been super motivating, which is what I needed lately. ♥ Speaking of YouTube, I love watching people show what's in their bullet journals. I lead such an exciting life. 😒 ♥ Playing around with Instagram Stories. People are all over the place on this one but I think it is such a good play on Instagram's part. ♥ Having Pokemon stops all around where I live. Getting my steps in! ♥