What I Love Wednesday // 09.23.15

♥ Blasting Careless Whisper as I type this. ♥ Burning incense while I think about my intentions for autumn. ♥ Knocking out a bunch of photo editing at once. ♥ Watching Maury in the mornings. "You are NOT the father!". Lana Del Rey's new album. ♥ Finding the IKEA furniture I wanted in good condition by the dumpster. I even pinned the exact same coffee table to my Pinterest board. How crazy is that?! ♥ Being totally grateful that luck is on my side. ♥ Rocking out to my JAMS playlist. ♥ Trying not to get overwhelmed with the activities of the next few weeks but still grateful for the opportunity to be so busy. ♥ My friends. Always and forever. ♥