+/- July

+ Shooting! I shot a wedding with my friend Mike. It was the longest day ever and my feet hated me but we got through it. I also shot a boho story for Flipp Salon. Early this week I was in New York shooting some models for MSA and pieces for Style Feen Shop

+ I went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum. I saw A China: Through The Looking Glass, Van Gogh: Irises and Roses, Sargent: Portraits of Artists and Friends, and Cranach's Saint Maurice, Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks, The Rise of Sneaker Culture, and FAILE: Savage/Sacred Young Minds plus so much more at the two museums. It was so incredibly nice and fulfilling to see so many fantastic pieces of art. Creatives love to say that they are inspired by the art but I left feeling enriched.

+ I ran away to New York for a long weekend to catch up with friends and to pug sit Tezz's babies. We all managed to survive the almost two days she and her husband were gone.

+ I got 90 minute full body massage and it was obviously the best! I wrote about self care earlier in the month because I could feel how rundown I was feeling. Like they say, they are addicting so I got another one this week after I got back from New York.

- This month... I don't know what happened this month. It was a Saturday when I realized I forgot to blog the Friday before and then I just stopped for the rest of the month. Too much going on (that's good, right?) and sadly blogging wasn't at the top of this list. I feel like that is all I talk about on here. The blogging struggle is real. Part of it maybe that that I am running a whole other blog. The Lady Project Blog has been my baby since April and trying to coordinate that blog on top of writing for my own was stressing me out. August is now upon us so let's hope for the best.