What I Love Wednesday // 07.15.15

♥ I got my first full body massage. Needless to say it was heaven. I am definitely going to go every month for at least a back massage. Tammy at Harmony on Hope is the best! ♥ I've been partaking in copious amounts of online retail therapy but I think it's worth it because I don't have summer clothing.  Finally broke down and bought shorts. ♥ I had a great conversation about feminism, race, religion, politics, and more with my friend Melanie last night. I noticed towards the end we didn't talk about men at all. Don't know why but that made me happy. ♥ I bought a wig for a costume party but it actually looks pretty good so I may just wear it whenever. But if this is what having a lot of curly hair is like, I kind of don't want to have it. ♥ It's been a month and a half since my big chop! Not like I ever had a lot of hair ever but it I'm so proud that I shaved my head and committed to starting over. ♥ Having friends who just get it. ♥ Watching Sex and the City again. ♥ Breaking open that bottle of wine I've been saving for a special occasion. Everyday is a special occasion. ♥ Crossing off items on the to do list. ♥ Booking tickets to spend a long weekend in New York! ♥