+/- June

+ This month was full of festivals and block parties in Providence. The International Arts Festival and Pride were highlights of the month. It made me love living in this city.

 Providence International Arts Festival
 RI Pride 2015

+ I saw Kevin Hart and Lana Del Rey in the span of three days. Kevin Hart was absolutely amazing of course. I was super excited to see Lana but I forgot that she has a young fanbase. I didn't realize how old I was until I was in my seat. The blood curdling screams of the girl behind me made me want to hide in the car.

+ I went to New York to celebrate Rachel Lynch's birthday with her at the standard at the high line. It was so great to hang out with my lil babies again.

+/- I took the first week of June off and then posted three times a week this month in hopes to figure out how I wanted to continue with blogging. Sadly I have yet to figure that out. This month has been jammed packed and all of a sudden it's the end of the month. Probably going to stick with the Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule for the summer and then go from there.