What I Love Wednesday // 07.01.15

This may not be a weekly feature but a Wednesday here and there I will talk about things I'm grateful for or makes me smile.

♥ I got to shoot a surprise proposal last night in Boston. I was so nervous beforehand I thought I was going to be sick. It was nice to be involved in the tiniest way of such a special moment in this couple's life.

♥ I've been having a vacation in my own city by apartment sitting for my friend in downtown Providence. Not like I live far from downtown but being able to just walk outside and go directly to any restaurant I want is spoiling me.

♥ I had a great photo shoot last Saturday with a new face and it got me back into loving shooting models. 15 years old and a natural.

♥ Listening to podcasts ♥ Getting purchases in the mail ♥ Listening to all the Kendrick Lamar ♥ Spending too much at Zara ♥ A good glass of wine ♥ Catching up with friends ♥ Bitch I'm Madonna ♥ Walks around my city ♥