+/- November

+ Lots of going out in November. Lots of dinners and drinks. I'm trying to tell myself that I am spending money on experiences instead of things (and not wasting money in general).

+ Lots of photoshoots! I wanted to end 2015 strong and with a lot of photoshoots so I was really happy with the shoots I had in November and looking forward to what I have coming up in December.

+ The Instameet! We all know how much I love it.

- The first half of November was horrible. Like to the point that I had to write down everything that went wrong and burn it. I don't know what went wrong/ who cursed me but it was HORRIBLE. After the burning of the issues and burning some sage, the second half of the month was much, much better.

Ok, this is a short one because this whole month was work/ trying to not go insane.