Photo Story // Urban Fusion


I haven't photographed a fashion shoot in a long time. I feel like that is a shameful thing to say as someone who is a fashion and lifestyle photographer. I'm sure many creative entrepreneurs know the feeling. You're too busy creating work for someone else that you neglect to make any of your own. My bff, Olivia Rodrigues, was feeling something similar so she came up with the idea for this shoot. She met designer Nathalia Jmag and right away was drawn to her clothing. She knew that she wanted to do this photo shoot in a place as vibrant as the clothing. Enter Troop, one of my favorite hangouts. The interior is old school hip-hop inspired. It was the perfect backdrop for this story. We took over the restaurant one Thursday morning (we even shot in the bathroom). It was a family affair as Olivia had her littlest sister, Ornella, model and had another little sister, Laurinda, on assistant styling duty. Simony Resende was on hair and makeup while my boyfriend was my lovely assistant. We're so excited that Scorpio Jin Magazine has published some of the photos online! Keep scrolling and check out more photos from the shoot!