Review // A Color Story


A Color Story just released ACS+. This is an app designed by influencers so they took in mind what other content creators would want out of a photo editing application. With ACS+, users access over 300 filters designed by top influencers, over 100 movable effects, advanced coloring tools, and unlimited Instagram accounts within its grid planning feature. With a ACS+ subscription of $25 a year, users will also be able to receive new filter and effect pack upgrades at no extra cost.

First Impressions

It’s really smart that they came out with a subscription service. I use VSCO’s filter subscription where you cannot layer filters and effects. There are so many options available to users here that no matter the style of imagery you like, there is something for you within ACS+.


A Beautiful Mess ladies, Elsie and Emma, enjoy really bright colors but my color tone is more neutral and darker. I chose a pretty boring photo from my last trip to New York to edit. I made a basic edit on the perspective and then continued on in the app to try out the filters.


There are over 100 filters you available for your choosing. After clicking around, I settled on Hollywood from the Mood pack. I dropped the opacity down to 77% and then moved on to effects where you have over 40+ effects available. This app is built to stack effects, unlike other favorite photo editing apps. I first chose to add Flash from the Darkroom pack. You can slide the effect around the photo to drop it where you want it, which I like. I lowered the opacity down to 59% and then moved on to add Grit. You can see the difference of having an effect at 100% and 50% in the examples below.


I like the option to choose other filter sets at the bottom of the frame without having to constantly go back to the main editing screen. I can tell they took in user experience into consideration.


The most exciting feature for me is the Instagram grid planning feature. I have tried out many grid planning applications and knowing that I can use one app for editing photos as well as laying out my feed makes this a contender for making me delete all my other apps.


Here are a few more photos I edited with A Color Story.

 Processed with VSCO with kp2 preset