Review // A Color Story

A Beautiful Mess just celebrated their one year anniversary of their editing app called A Color Story. Have you used it? Keep reading for a detailed review.

First Impressions

1 // It's gorgeous. It's beautifully designed and the UI is super easy.
2 // It really is all about the color. If your original photo lacks a lot of color, the app doesn't do much for you.
3 // You can go overboard with the filters really fast.

I found one of the most colorful photos I've taken as of late to play around with in this app.

I like that the first option is to adjust the photo like make it a square or add the white bars to the side (even though I think that option should be later on in the process).

Again I downloaded every filter available to try out. I like the option to choose other filter sets at the bottom of the frame without having to constantly go back to the main editing screen. Also the intensity slider having so many points is a plus. In VSCOCam you only have ten points which can be limiting.

The effects are cool in A Color Story because you can slide around the effect to wherever you want it on the photo. I haven't seen that in other editing apps I've used.

You can also add "color fogs" to your photos which you can also move around to your liking.

At this point I moved on to the adjustment features. I upped the contrast a little bit. This is where I saw you can get a little crazy, really fast in this app. Too many filters made it look muddled. So I started over.

I chose a different filter with one effect, both with the intensity taken down at least 50%.

One feature I really, really like is that we can save our editing steps if you really like the combination you have created. I thought it was awesome that VSCOCam came out the copy paste feature. This one blows that out of the park.

I like this edit a lot more. I think A Color Story is a great contender to be a highly used phone photo editing app but I can see photos getting overloaded with too many filters. Here are a few more photos edited with the app.